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Mission and Vision

Virginia Tech in the National Capital Region (NCR) is dedicated to furthering the university's three missions – education, research, and outreach. With facilities, faculty, graduate degrees, and research in the region since 1969, Virginia Tech has a long tradition of creating new knowledge and applying it to the critical problems facing the Washington D.C. area, the Commonwealth of Virginia, the nation, and the world.

Virginia Tech's Nuclear Engineering Program to fills a void in nuclear education and research in the National Capital Region. Our presence will will facilitate collaboration between its members and government agencies, industrial organizations, and educational institutions. It will draw on the expertise of faculty members from engineering and science departments, and will promote nuclear education by offering workshops, courses, and seminars. 

With these research and educational resources, the NEP will also provide expanded opportunities for Virginia Tech to offer degrees and certificates in nuclear science and engineering in the National Capital Region. It is expected that NSEL activities will lead to the establishment of new centers, vigorous research activities, engagement in nuclear policy development, and innovations of new tools and devices and computational tools for application in nuclear power, nuclear security and safeguards, and radiation diagnosis and therapy. The NEP will contribute to enhancing nuclear education in the NRC, and training of the next generation nuclear scientists and engineers.

    Virginia Tech Research Center at Arlington

In addition to the main Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg the Nuclear Engineering Program will utilize the new National Capital Region building in Arlington. Also known as the Virginia Tech Research Center (VTRC) this facility will provide nuclear engineering education and research in the Northern Virginia region. Professor Alireza Haghighat will coordinate the NEP activities at the VTRC through the Nuclear Science and Engineering Lab (NSEL) established under the auspices of the Institute of Critical Technology and Applied Science (ICTAS).